New government spy plan spotted

Residents in upper New York saw a strange object, flying through the air at an alarming speed. I also saw the object.

I was outside relaxing when I saw it. I thought it was a weird bird at first but it was way too fast to be a bird and very high up in the air. I had never seen anything like it. The object didn’t look like a UFO because a UFO is shaped like a circle. It looked like it was a weird shaped plane when i took a good look at it. The, “plane”, was black and had triangle shaped objects coming off its wings. It left no trail behind it like a normal plane. This would be a perfect spy plane for the government if you ask me. This plane moved so fast that i only had about 10 seconds to look at it before it was a super tiny dot.

The object could have been a UFO but i have not seen any photos of a plane shaped UFO. I believe the plane to be a government spy plane that would be used at night.


About Jack Garrand
I am new to blogging and hope to share my gaming interests with the world.

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