Raw fish can cure asthma

For the past 200 years, an ancestral treatment on a particular day has been successful in curing asthma. A ancestral treatment of administering raw fish, given by a certain Bathini Goud family in Andhra Pradesh, India, has been successful in curing asthma. The amazing fact of the fish therapy treatment is that it is administered only on the Hindu calendar day of Mrigashira Karthi which falls in the second week of June. Last year(2011) it was on June 8-9. Millions of people flock in the South Indian city during these days. The Goud family administers their home-made ancestral folk remedy with the help of volunteers.

Unfortunately, the formula of the fish therapy is kept as a strict secret since the family believes that the therapy will become ineffective if the secret is revealed. The family passes on the ancestral secret very strictly from generation to generation.

original post at: http://lung-conditions.knoji.com/can-swallowing-a-raw-fish-cure-chronic-asthma/


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