Worst teacher ever?


Mr.Marlow is a substitute teacher for Middle School. Instead of teaching, he likes to goof around and set a very bad example for the kids in his class. During class, kids call other kids names including fag, gay, etc. Mr.Marlow laughs at the kids being made fun of. Mr.Marlow has had multiple incidents where this is what he did in class and has been warned by the school’s principle multiple times. Kids coming home from school told their parents about this teacher and news quickly spread. This isn’t all though. Mr.Marlow allowed kids to look up inappropriate videos on Youtube. Instead of teaching, he would have everyone make up jokes for a contest and they would play pointless games after. Would you like your kids to be taught by  Mr.Marlow?


About Jack Garrand
I am new to blogging and hope to share my gaming interests with the world.

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