Boy dies by playing with shotgun


A boy who grew up in Chazy was killed by a gunshot while playing with another teen in Fort Edward.

Gary Edward Cota, 13, died about 9 p.m. Tuesday while struggling playfully over his shotgun with a 13-year-old friend, according to Candy Cota of West Chazy. She and her husband, Gary, are the boy’s grandparents.

Candy said her son, Louis, got a job in Fort Edward and had moved there with his wife, Nichole, and Gary, who is named after his grandfather. Until then, they had lived in the Chazy area, and the boy had attended Chazy Central Rural School.

He completed seventh grade there last June before the family relocated.

Young Gary was “really into sports,” Candy said tearfully. “He played baseball, and he wrestled on the (youth) team at Beekmantown. He loved the Yankees. The 49ers were his football team. He was really good at sports.”

She said the death happened suddenly, as the two teens were playing with a shotgun that had been a present from Gary’s father.

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