Ridiculous burger cost 666$

Dripping with satire (and fat), the $666 “Douche Burger” takes gourmet hamburgers to a ludicrous extreme. More than twice the price of Serendipity 3’s “most expensive burger in the world,” this new offering by NYC food truck 666 Burger includes a gold-leaf-wrapped Kobe patty, short ribs, lobster and truffles, all smothered in Gruyere cheese that’s been melted with “Champagne steam” and seasoned with BBQ sauce that’s made from coffee “passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet.” The top bun is stamped with a pentagram, and the whole sweaty concoction is wrapped in three $100 bills. In other words, it “may not taste good, but will make you feel rich as f*ck.”

The $666 “Douche Burger” (© Courtesy of Mackenzie Keegan/666 Burger)

original post found at: http://now.msn.com/living/0604-666-douche-burger


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